Friday, October 9, 2009

Stick#21- Beyond MySpace

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I am much more interested by the social networks in this section than I was with the general Facebook and MySpace. They are organized by interest area and geared more toward my interests as well. I might use something like Gather if I had a specific interest in finding people who share a particular interest. I can see that the WebJunction might be very helpful to librarians. It has a number of resources that look good, and they offer education, webinars, etc. I joined Ning to see special interest groups, comment on other members, load photos and add widgets to my blog. How much would I use a tool like this? I think I would really need to get connected and see that it had more to offer than what connecting I get to do with my friends. Or, I have an interest and don't feel I really have anyone to talk with about it. Otherwise, I have a personal preference to communicate face-to-face over networking online.

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