Friday, October 9, 2009

Stick#18 - YouTube

I chose this You Tube video on Inattention Blindness because it is a concept we have been talking about at work. Inattentional blindness in health care is a concern because it is an underlying reason as to why medical errors can occur. Making staff aware what it is and why it occurs helps them understand the importance of some procedural changes. It also helps them be "on guard" and double-check themselves in order to prevent medical errors.

Using YouTube is easy and inserting my choice of videos was easy as well. The biggest barrier I have found is the barrier set up by my organization to block YouTube from being seen. While I understand why, there is some useful educational information being missed. On a side note, I looked at YouTube EDU as well. The videos on this portion of YouTube are more academic; hours and hours of educational presentations are available.

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