Friday, October 9, 2009

Stick #22 - What Did I Learn Today?

This section helped to answer the major question that has been formulating in my mind as I have worked through the 23 Things--changes in technologies and the development of new tool is occurring all the time; how in the world am I going to stay current with changes? Reviewing the sites given in Thing #22, I found four that I believe will remain on the top of my list: Web2; Go2Web; Web2List; and Webinars from MINITEX. Several of these appear to be concise and give a brief description about the tool that would help me decide to pursue or not. I really like being able to find online Webinars. They often give me ideas that expand my thinking. I think I should also go searching for some more KM-specific sites.

In addition to adding RSS feeds, I have learned that if I schedule time on my calendar for "Research and Reading", and normally, if I do it on a Friday when the office is much quieter, I can discipline myself to take time to do some reading and keeping. If I am keeping up with personal interests, I can take some evening time on a weekly basis, although that will probably need to be scheduled after my MSKM is completed. I know there is a program beyond the 23 Things on a Stick that I can go back to as well, and probably will.

What I have learned is that there are ways to keep up and the key is identifying the sources, setting up for the notifications to come to me instead of the other way around, and setting aside some time to continue to learn.

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