Friday, October 9, 2009

Stick#16 - Assignment & Research Project Calculators

I think the Assignment and Research Project Calculators are great tools to share with students. Organizing a long-term project takes some skill and the ability to break it down into bite-size pieces. I have seen students struggle when they do not have this skill. These two calculators make it possible for students to manage their time over the course of the assignment or project and guide them as to the purpose and activities of each step. Knowing about these resources allows librarians to share valuable information with library patrons.

The processes of assignment and research project apply to many situations. Being a graduate student, I have multiple assignments and a major project due for my classes this semester. The assignment tool could help me map out my time and I could use it to stay on track. The research project calculator can be a great asset to me in writing my thesis. Not only can it help me manage my time, it has some great prompts and tools for focusing my thoughts, defining the research questions, etc. I will bookmark this information and pull it out when I have time to re-focus more attention on my thesis project.

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