Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stick#8 - Sharing Your Creations

The ideas in this tool gave me some great ideas! In the Slideshare, I found some presentations on Swine Flu. I know that might not sound exciting to many of you, but it is VERY relevant to health care organizations right now. We send written information out and while we do PowerPoint presentations, they are usually reserved for planned education sessions. I really like the idea of sharing these presentations at the convenience of the user. There is no reason we could not make them more available. Sharing databases is also an interesting idea that may lend itself to an application in healthcare. I will keep that idea in the back of my mind.

Twitter is more questionable in my work setting. The focus is on marketing and notification of events. I do think we could use it for that. Or, perhaps for notifying staff of the implementation of our disaster plan should that become necessary.

Stick#7 - Communication

Emailing is my life at work. I think email has, in increased the speed of messages getting to individuals and has helped communication by allowing multiple people to be messaged at the same time or to receive a copy keeping them in the loop. At the same time, it has negative components. At my company, not everyone has email; it is a matter of money and a decision on the part of administration or IT that not everyone needs it because their job does not require sitting at a desk. This decision creates a division and makes it incumbent on managers to communicate by two methods--email or verbal or in writing. I liked the tips to create more efficiency--use of templates and changing the autocheck setting.

IM is not used at my workplace. It requires both people have devices at their fingertips. Many staff at the hospital don't spend their day sitting at their desk; they are mobile. I know cell phones can be used; however, they also have the potential to interfere with biomedical equipment signals, so they are discouraged. There may be other mobile communication devices that could serve this purpose and support communication.

Webinars are widespread in health care. Every week I receive multiple emails about available Wedinars. I find the medium to be helpful. Staff take less time away from the office to attend education sessions and more people are able to "attend" because the cost is lower than if we are paying for travel. I have not previously thought about the ability to provide in-house webinars, but I think this option would be worth exploring as getting staff to an educational event can be challenging due to the need to cover patient care 24/7.

Stick#4, 5, 6 - FlickR

My cousin recently sent me a link to Flickr and I have not taken time to investigate it other than to view what she sent. Since most of my family lives outside of Oklahoma, I can see how FlickR could be a great way to share family photos. The application I think these tools can have for my workplace is in staff education and building awareness. I really like the Big Huge Lab possibilities. We create PowerPoint presentations and educational posters in which we could use some of the ideas to jazz up our presentations and make them more eye-appealing.

I was unaware that photos could be set up as public or private collections. I will have to introduce my husband to this tool. He is the one in the family who is normally taking pictures with his cell phone or our digital camera. We have downloaded our pictures to our computer and categorized them, but have not ventured into sharing them except by burning a DVD. I explored what FlickR has to offer and found some great travel pictures.

Stick#3 - RSS Feeds

I have had some exposure to RSS feeds before, but I don't use them regularly. I can even remember telling my co-worker about how I need to set aside some time to just see what is new and read to keep up. Why didn't I connect the dots? After experiencing this exercise, I am sold. I will go back to work tomorrow and set up my Google Reader with the web sites I go to most often. I can really so how this will solve some of my challenge about keeping abreast of new information. I will also teach the rest of my staff how to set up RSS feeds.

Stick#2 - Web 2.0

In retrospect, I wish this task had been the first one required. Mr. Abram presents an interesting perspective on taking time to learn Web 2.0 tools and how important they can be in transforming library services to be more interactive and collaborative.

The information presented is really focused on libraries, but it has peaked my interest as to what would apply to KM. At my hospital, we do have a medical library, but I work in perfomance improvement and my interest is on how we interact and collaborate with staff on issues we are trying to change. All staff are very busy and focused on patient care, yet, external and internal pressures require changes in the organization. I would like to learn if there are tools that might be able to help us in the workplace.

The internet has affected all of us particularly with regard to email and being able to search for up-to-date resources and collaboration with other professionals in other places around the world. However, within the hospital, we are still quite traditional in how we communicate, share information and discuss needed changes. The existence of technology is one concern, but I think knowledge of tools that can help us is probably also a deficit. My own knowledge is limited. I have gravitated to the digital world from its beginning, but I didn't grow up in it. I work with staff of all ages groups and with differing levels of literacy in the automated world, but increasingly, we need to be moving toward the efficient use of technology. Perhaps some of the tools I will experience in the 23 Things on a Stick will prove to be useful in my work environment.

Stick#1 - Blogging

I set up a blog for Digital Collections class and haven't used it since then. It seemed lika a chore to me. I thinking you must really like to write or journal to get into this. Perhaps if my blog was directed at a topic of ongoing interest, I would have a different experience. Or, perhaps it is a time issue. I feel pushed to meet all my obligations of work, school, and family. Blogging is something that takes more time and a back seat.

I decided to use Blogger this time. I thought the creation of the avatar was really fun! My son is really into his avatars on his computer games. Now I have a better understanding of why. You can portray yourself to be whoever you want to be.