Friday, October 9, 2009

Stick#15 - Online Game and Libraries

Talk about broadening one's outlook! This section on online games and their application really stimulates my thinking. Not being a librarian, I am also considering how they might apply to my workplace. I visited Second Life. My son is into social video games, and I have learned a lot from him about why he is attracted to play them. I think Second Life provides an alternative learning environment, and yes, I think it does have a place in libraries. You have to consider who your customers are and how they view the world. The online game approach considers the interests and approach to learning of the younger generation. I love the Info Island and also seeing how Ohio State used this venue to reach potential students.

I work in health care. One reference I read described the availability of medical resources online and education about using them effectively. Our workforce age will continue to change. I think this is a possible avenue for providing health care educational opportunities. I think it could also work for patient education. On the whole, I don't think our older population would be as open to it as the younger crowd just because of their familiarity and use of computer resources. But, patient education could be developed focusing first on the pediatric and young adult population. It would also be interesting to see some measures of effectiveness comparing education via traditional methods and online games.

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