Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stick#8 - Sharing Your Creations

The ideas in this tool gave me some great ideas! In the Slideshare, I found some presentations on Swine Flu. I know that might not sound exciting to many of you, but it is VERY relevant to health care organizations right now. We send written information out and while we do PowerPoint presentations, they are usually reserved for planned education sessions. I really like the idea of sharing these presentations at the convenience of the user. There is no reason we could not make them more available. Sharing databases is also an interesting idea that may lend itself to an application in healthcare. I will keep that idea in the back of my mind.

Twitter is more questionable in my work setting. The focus is on marketing and notification of events. I do think we could use it for that. Or, perhaps for notifying staff of the implementation of our disaster plan should that become necessary.

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