Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stick#4, 5, 6 - FlickR

My cousin recently sent me a link to Flickr and I have not taken time to investigate it other than to view what she sent. Since most of my family lives outside of Oklahoma, I can see how FlickR could be a great way to share family photos. The application I think these tools can have for my workplace is in staff education and building awareness. I really like the Big Huge Lab possibilities. We create PowerPoint presentations and educational posters in which we could use some of the ideas to jazz up our presentations and make them more eye-appealing.

I was unaware that photos could be set up as public or private collections. I will have to introduce my husband to this tool. He is the one in the family who is normally taking pictures with his cell phone or our digital camera. We have downloaded our pictures to our computer and categorized them, but have not ventured into sharing them except by burning a DVD. I explored what FlickR has to offer and found some great travel pictures.

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