Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stick#2 - Web 2.0

In retrospect, I wish this task had been the first one required. Mr. Abram presents an interesting perspective on taking time to learn Web 2.0 tools and how important they can be in transforming library services to be more interactive and collaborative.

The information presented is really focused on libraries, but it has peaked my interest as to what would apply to KM. At my hospital, we do have a medical library, but I work in perfomance improvement and my interest is on how we interact and collaborate with staff on issues we are trying to change. All staff are very busy and focused on patient care, yet, external and internal pressures require changes in the organization. I would like to learn if there are tools that might be able to help us in the workplace.

The internet has affected all of us particularly with regard to email and being able to search for up-to-date resources and collaboration with other professionals in other places around the world. However, within the hospital, we are still quite traditional in how we communicate, share information and discuss needed changes. The existence of technology is one concern, but I think knowledge of tools that can help us is probably also a deficit. My own knowledge is limited. I have gravitated to the digital world from its beginning, but I didn't grow up in it. I work with staff of all ages groups and with differing levels of literacy in the automated world, but increasingly, we need to be moving toward the efficient use of technology. Perhaps some of the tools I will experience in the 23 Things on a Stick will prove to be useful in my work environment.

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